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Why FlipForms?

Build Custom Lead Gen Forms in Minutes

FlipForms was built with high-performance-marketers (like you) in mind. We know how important speed, conversion rates, and data are to your business. That's why we focused on building FlipForms with the stuff that matters, and leaving the fluff out.

Getting started with FlipForms is easy. Seriously. We built it with our sales guys in mind. If they couldn't build something, then we weren't going to launch it. Whether you're the media buyer on the team or the developer, FlipForms will make your life significantly easier.

Post Data in Real Time

Salesforce and HubSpot users, you have been seen. FlipForms comes with true integrations for HubSpot and SFDC. There are no upcharges or access fees to integrate to your CRM. What you see is what you get.

Lead sellers, building your form and connecting it to your Lead Distribution System will be the easiest part of your job. We've made connecting the dots extremely easy.

FlipForms easily connects with popular systems like:

  • CAKE
  • Leadspedia
  • ... and more!

Tracking, Testing, & More

Whether you're using UTM tracking parameters or a custom tracking link, FlipForms is built to pull important data and pass it through to your CRM or Lead Distribution System. Push subids, UTM parameters, affiliate IDs, and more.

Testing with FlipForms is a breeze. Once you have built a form, you can quickly duplicate the form, the thank you pages, and your integrations over. Use the unique link to run A/B tests within platforms (which makes it Google Ads and Facebook Ads friendly).